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Clinical study results show elevated levels of MxA in blood with viral respiratory infection

We are pleased to announce positive results from a clinical study by Synttergy on the Labmaster LUCIA™ MxA point-of-care test.


MxA (myxovirus resistance protein A) clinical study results show that the elevated level of MxA in blood does indicate viral origin of infection in patients with fever and common respiratory symptoms.


A total of 38 children were included in the analysis with acute illness manifestations hospitalized in a tertiary pediatric hospital. The children included presented with at least one of the symptoms: fever, cough, nasal obstruction/rhinorrhea, dyspnea, vomiting or diarrhea. Democraphic, clinical and laboratory data were collected along with determination of serum MxA values.


The risk of having elevated MxA values was 4.4 higher in the presence of fever and 5.3 times higher in the presence of rhinorrhea. Overall, the presence of respiratory symptoms was significantly more frequent in patients with increased MxA. Also, increased monocytes and C-reactive protein values were more common in children with increased MxA.


All patients with multiplex RT-PCR positive for respiratory viruses had positive MxA, while children with negative RT-PCR test had normal MxA.


The study concludes that in patients with fever and common respiratory symptoms, the level of MxA can not only serve as a marker to predict viral origin of an infection, but also can indicate higher monocyte levels in blood.


This clinical study demonstrates the efficiency of Labmaster’s MxA test as an aid in diagnosing viral respiratory tract infections.


When used together with the Labmaster LUCIA™ CRP test, these POC tools are valuable in differentiating between bacterial and viral infections and thus an efficient solution against antimicrobial resistance.

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