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Labmaster LUCIA™ Veterinary Diagnostics


The Labmaster LUCIA™ Fibrinogen Kit

for Whole Blood and Plasma Samples

This quantitative rapid test measures fibrinogen in whole blood and plasma and aids in assessing infection and inflammation status in horses. The test can be performed at the stable and it produces a numerical result in 6 minutes.

Test description

The Labmaster LUCIA™ Fibrinogen test is an in vitro veterinary test for the quantitative deteremination of fibrinogen from horse whole blood and plasma to assess infection and inflammation status in horses.


Sample Type Whole Blood, Plasma
Sample Volume 10 µL
Measuring Time 6 minutes
Measuring Range 100–1700 mg/dL
Storage +2 – +8 °C

Key features

  • Point-of-care test based on an anticoagulated whole blood or plasma sample
  • Test cassette includes all necessary reagents; no preparation required
  • Easy handling, only a few steps needed
  • Quantitative (numerical) result result in only 6 minutes

Product overview

LM583 Labmaster LUCIA™ Fibrinogen Kit Each kit contains 10 ready-to-use tests
LM584 Labmaster LUCIA™ Fibrinogen Kit Each kit contains 20 ready-to-use tests
Contents of the kit:
Fibrinogen LUCIA™ Cassette 10 pcs 20 pcs
Fibrinogen Dilution Tube 0.80 mL x 20 pcs 0.80 mL x 40 pcs
Fibrinogen NFC Card 1 pc 1 pc
Fibrinogen Instructions for Use and Quick Guide 1 pc 1 pc
The following components are required but not included in the kit:
Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer LM127
Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer Instructions for Use LM128
10 µL pipette and 10 µL filter tips* N/A

*The 10 µL Single Volume Pipette (LM510) and 10 µL Filter tip rack (LM511) are available separately.

About the analyte

Fibrinogen is a large protein that plays a crucial role in the blood clotting process. Fibrinogen is converted to fibrin, forming a meshwork that traps blood cells and helps stop the bleeding. Fibrinogen can also be used as a diagnostic tool. Elevated equine fibrinogen levels are often indicative of inflammation and tissue damage (i). When measured serially with Equine Fibrinogen the kinetics of the inflammatory response can often be determined and this can be very helpful when monitoring response to treatment (ii).


(i) Jacobsen S. Review of equine acute-phase proteins. P Annu Conv Am Equin. (2007) 53:230–5.

(ii) Thurston, C. C., Stefanovski, D., MacKinnon, M. C., Chapman, H. S., Richardson, D. W., & Levine, D. G. (2022). Serum amyloid A and fibrinogen as markers for early detection of surgical site infection associated with internal fixation in the horse. Frontiers in veterinary science, 9, 960865.

Labmaster Fibrinogen_kit

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