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Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (LM-CECL)

Labmaster LUCIA™ point-of-care diagnostic tools for clinical, biochemical and chemical analysis are based on the patented cathodic electrochemiluminescence (LM-CECL) technology. This technology relates to the electrical excitation of label substance/substances by hot electrons. Reactions occur on silicon-based electrodes coated with an insulating layer and utilize the resulting electrochemiluminescence (ECL) in analytical applications, especially in bioaffinity assays such as immunoassays.

Fast, accurate and cost-effective

The main advantage of this technology is cost-effectiveness achieved by replacing expensive optics with low-priced sophisticated electronics. This technology is suitable for many kinds of laboratory instrumentation applications.

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Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (electrochemiluminescence; ECL) of aromatic Tb(III) chelates at thin insulating film-covered electrodes provides a means for extremely sensitive detection of Tb(III), and consequently of biologically interesting compounds, such as proteins, if aromatic Tb(III) chelates are used as labels in bio-affinity assays. In cathodic electrochemiluminescence (LM-CECL) used in Labmaster devices, aromatic Tb(III) chelates exhibit strong electrogenerated chemiluminescence during cathodic pulse polarization of oxide-covered electrode in aqueous solution. The method is based on tunnel emission of hot electrons into an aqueous electrolyte solution and allows the detection of analytes below nanomolar concentration levels. In our technology, silicon is currently used as the electrode material, since it can be easily made highly conductive by doping, and at the same time, it can produce a high-quality thin and uniform oxide insulating layer on its surface by thermal oxidation (i). Labmaster owns full extent of Intellectual Property Rights for LM-CECL with different electrode substrates.

(i) Niskanen A. 2011. Thin film technology for chemical sensors. Aalto University publication series. Doctoral dissertations 146/2011.

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