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Labmaster LUCIA™ Veterinary Diagnostics


The Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA Kit

for Whole Blood Samples

This quantitative rapid veterinary diagnostic test provides nearly real-time detection of infection and inflammation in horses. The test can easily be performed at the stable and it produces a numerical result in 6 minutes. 

Test description

Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA test is an in vitro veterinary diagnostic test for the quantitative determination of Equine Serum Amyloid A (eSAA) from whole blood to assess infection and inflammation status in horses. The Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA Kit is to be used with the semi-automated Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer.


Sample type Whole Blood, Serum/Plasma
Sample Volume 10 µL
Measuring Time 6 minutes
Measuring Range 10–1500 mg/L
Storage +2 – +8 °C

Key features

  • Point-of-care test based on an anticoagulated whole blood sample
  • Test cassette includes all necessary reagents; no preparation required.
  • Quick result in only 6 minutes
  • Easy handling, only a few steps needed

Product overview

LM79 Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA Kit for Whole Blood Samples Each kit contains 40 ready-to-use tests
LM546 Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA Kit for Whole Blood Samples Each kit contains 20 ready-to-use tests
LM435 Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA Kit for Whole Blood Samples Each kit contains 10 ready-to-use tests
Contents of the kit:
SAA Cassette 40/20/10 pcs
SAA Dilution tube for Whole Blood sample 6.0 mL x 40/20/10 pcs
Equine SAA NFC Card 1 pc
SAA Instructions for Use and Quick Guide 1 pc
The following components are required but not included in the kit:
Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer LM127
Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer Instructions for Use LM128
10 µl pipette and 10 µl filter tips* N/A

*The 10 µL Single Volume Pipette (LM510) and 10 µL Filter tip rack (LM511) are available separately

About the analyte

Serum amyloid A (SAA) is an equine acute phase response protein. In the blood of healthy horses, SAA concentration is very low, but it increases dramatically with inflammation. Circulating SAA concentrations may increase up to 1000-fold following inflammation, infection or tissue injury (i-iii). Due to the short halflife of SAA, changes in its concentration in blood closely reflect the onset of inflammation and, therefore, measurement of SAA is useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease and response to treatment. Increases in SAA concentration have been described in equine digestive, reproductive and respiratory diseases and following surgical procedures. Moreover, SAA has proven useful for detection of some subclinical pathologies that can disturb training and competing in equine athletes (i).

(i) Witkowska-Piłaszewicz O.D. et al. 2019. Serum amyloid A in equine health and disease. Equine Veterinary Journal 51: 293–298.
(ii) Jacobsen S., Andersen P.H. 2007. The acute phase protein serum amyloid A (SAA) as marker of inflammation in horses. Equine Veterinary Education 19: 38–46.
(iii) Nunokawa Y. et al. 1993. Evaluation of serum amyloid A as an acute-phase reactive protein in horses. Journal Veterinary Medical Science 55; 1011–1016.

After transportation the horse was released out into paddock. She looked glum and we tested her SAA values immedaitely at the stable. The value was above the measuring range, 1500 mg/L. Medication was started on the spot.
I value rapid testing because it allows an easy access to important health information. In our case it was also helpful in monitoring treatment: it only took a few simple measurements to ensure that the mediaction was working. It is always important to ensure that the horse is healthy before training.
Heidi Vuori, Harri Koivunen Racing
Yes! It has arrived! Namely, the Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer. We are able to study the SAA value of the horses here at the home stable and also measure the IgG of the foals.
Both of these results can be obtained numerically. This is valuable information which we don’t have to wait for long. anymore. Very important information, especially during foaling season.
Riikka Takaneva
Larva-Jussila, Finnish horse breeder
Labmaster LUCIA Equine SAA kit

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