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Responsible diagnostic solutions for the flu season

As the cold and flu season is here, it is time to remember the importance of thorough diagnostics. After all, antibiotics are not the go-to treatment for common viral respiratory infections.

Who has the time, then, for proper differentiation of bacterial and viral infections for outpatients? Well, doctors with point-of-care testing equipment, for one.

With Labmaster’s CRP and MxA tests, it is possible to perform rapid testing based on a wholeblood fingertip sample – within minutes.

The recently conducted clinical study on Labmaster LUCIA MxA test shows that the elevated level of MxA (Myxovirus resistance protein A) in blood indicates viral origin of infection in patients with fever and common respiratory symptoms.

Request an online demo and learn more about the Labmaster LUCIA™ MxA and CRP kits:

Labmaster LUCIA™ MxA Kit

Labmaster LUCIA™ CRP Kit


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