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Rapid testing supports premium equine health.

  • Obtain critical health data within minutes, enabling swift decisions and immediate care for your horse.
  • Reduce stress for both horses and their owners with quick, hassle-free diagnostics directly at the stable.
  • Rapid testing enables the detection of early warning signs, allowing for proactive measures.
  • Keep your horse in peak performance by monitoring key health indicators regularly. 

True quantitative result in 6 minutes

Serum Amyloid A (SAA) test provides nearly real-time detection of infection and inflammation.

Fibrinogen test aids in assessing infection and inflammation status in horses.

Foal IgG test measures IgG antibody levels in newborn foals and aids in assessing failure of passive transfer of immunity (FPT, FTPI).

Easy test procedure offers quick access to health information.

Rapid or point-of-care (POC) veterinary diagnostics reduces costs and and facilitates the early steps of beginning treatment. Labmaster's tests are based on a small whole blood sample and produce a quantitative result in 6 minutes.

Tests can be performed when and where needed, such as the veterinarian's office, care facility, animal clinic or stable.

The test procedure is easy, as you can see on this video of performing the Labmaster LUCIA™ Equine SAA test.

We are happy to arrange an online demonstration of the LUCIA Vet platform.

Harri Koivunen Racing

Photo: Harri Koivunen Racing

"After transportation the horse was released out into paddock. He looked glum and we tested his SAA values immediately at the stable. The SAA value was above the measuring range of the test, 1500 mg/L. Medication was started on the spot. The easy access to important health information is why I value rapid testing. In our case it was also helpful in monitoring treatment. It only took a few simple measurements to find out whether medication was working. It is always important to ensure that the horse is healthy before training."

Heidi Vuori, Harri Koivunen Racing


Photo: Larva-Jussila

"Yes! It has arrived! Namely, the Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet Analyzer. We are able to study the SAA value of the horses here at the home stable and also measure the IgG of the foals. Both of these test results are quantitative, i.e. numerical. This is valuable information which we don't have to wait for long. Very important information, especially during foaling season."

Riikka Takaneva
Larva-Jussila, Finnish horse breeder


Efficient products based on Finnish technology

Labmaster's diagnostic products are based on proprietary technology which is accurate, fast and cost-effective. We are constantly developing new tests for our Labmaster LUCIA™ veterinary product family, and all of our test are performed with the Labmaster LUCIA™ Vet table-top analyzer which is a CE-marked device.


Labmaster’s quality management system is ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified, ensuring the quality of our products.

Teppo Hyytiä Head of Global Sales at Labmaster

Teppo Hyytiä,
Head of Global Sales

tel. +358 40 052 7905  


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